Our Partnerships

Napino has a joint venture with Shindengen Electric Mfg. Co. Ltd. Japan, who are the world leaders in the field of power and auto electronic products.

Napino Control Systems Pvt. Ltd., a Joint Venture between Napino and Vitesco Technologies is a strategic partnership for the design and manufacture of EFI (Electronic Fuel Injection) systems for two wheelers.

Napino Continental Vehicle Electronics Pvt. Ltd., a Joint Venture between Napino and Continental Automotive Holding Netherlands B.V. is a strategic partnership for the design and manufacture of Electronic Instrument Clusters for two wheelers.

Napino Domino Mechatronics Pvt. Ltd. a Joint Venture between Napino and Domino S.R.L is a strategic partnership to design and manufacture switches, gear shift lever and other handlebar accessories for two wheeler customers globally.

Napino and Fallbrook have entered into a strategic partnership for development and manufacture of Nuvinci transmission system (a revolutionary transmission technology) for two and three wheeled scooters and motorcycles.

Napino have signed commercial licensing agreement with EVR Motors, an Israeli start up with a newly-designed and patented motor topology - the Trapezoidal Stator- Radial Flux Permanent Magnet (TS - RFPM) topology for motor which is lightweight, compact design, improves flux distribution and gives superior heat dissipation with good thermal capacity.

Napino and Enedym has entered into a Strategic Partnership to develop and manufacture complete motor solution for 2-Wheeler Electric Vehicles.

Napino and Kerdea Technologies Inc. has entered into licensing partnership which will see the transfer of technology to Napino of Oxygen Sensor for Indian automobile industry in BS -6 regime and the upcoming OBD2 norms.