Message from the Chairman

Vipin Raheja

Chairman & Managing Director

Things have always been dynamic in the Auto industry. Newer technologies, evolving needs and the desire to exceed customer expectations has always kept us on our toes.

However today, more than ever, the industry is on the brink of major transformation. The deep impact of technology on our lives is undeniable. Connectivity, ease of use, smart features, efficient use of environmental resources, have all become the norm rather than an exception.

We at Napino, are inspired by this quickly transforming landscape of the industry and are extremely excited to be amongst the forerunners in leading this change. Therefore, we are heavily investing in technologies of the future and partnering with leading technology/manufacturing companies from across the globe. We look forward to making our mark as premier suppliers of next generation, robust and reliable electrical and electronic products in the auto industry.

- Vipin Raheja

Napino Leadership

Vaibhav Raheja

Joint Managing Director

Naveen Kumar


Leadership Team