• DC-DC step down converter Napino manufactures, is used to provide power to drive 12V loads connected in E-Vehicle. It can operate at a wide input range of 42VDC-70VDC.
  • Battery Chargers are designed with microcontroller based SMPS with a 4 stage battery charging algorithm for the EV. These can operate at a wide input AC voltage range of 150-300VAC. These are compact, high efficiency chargers that enhance battery life and retain efficiency.
  • Napino has latest softwares for designing and simulation. SPEES along with Creo Parametrics and AutoCAD for mechanical design, Renesas CubeSuite+, MatLab, Code Warrior and Circuit simulation tools like OrCAD etc. are some of them.
  • Napino has a highly experienced and dedicated R&D team, working aggressively on development of various components like BLDC Motor Controller, BLDC Motor and BMS.
  • These reasons contribute to Napino’s capabilities to design, develop and customise components as per customer requirements.



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